Search engine optimization and Digital marketing

AxeLan has been supplying IT support to small and mid-size businesses since 2002. Our forward-thinking team of professional computer consultants allows us to provide a one-stop shop for IT strategies, solutions, and services specifically tailored to SMB’s.

Developed in response to our personal needs, we acquired invaluable expertise in search engine optimization that when combined with a targeted digital marketing campaign provides a great level of performance. This skill has ultimately benefited our customers. If you are reading these lines, our referral strategy is working.

A beautiful website is a great marketing tool, but it’s SEO combined with a digital marketing campaign with Google AdWords and Bing ads is the equivalent of moving your advertising billboard onto the busiest street in town!

After a strategic meeting with your marketing specialist, we will be able to create, test and optimize a list of keywords that define your business, products and services. A complete analysis of your website, your company's profile and its presence on the internet as compared to your main competitors will allow us to create a digital campaign targeted and aligned with your goals and budgets.