Programing and application integration

AxeLan has been supplying IT support to small and mid-size businesses since 2002. Our forward-thinking team of professional computer consultants allows us to provide a one-stop shop for IT strategies, solutions, and services specifically tailored to SMB’s.

Our IT services would not be complete without our team of experienced and efficient programmers that are always respectful of your needs.

The majority of companies accumulate large amounts of information in databases that come from atypical systems and software. Transferring, analyzing and interpreting these databases require a great deal of experience and good judgment. When there is no existing software and nothing corresponds to your business processes, AxeLan can advise you and help you reach your goals. Whether it is to integrate, connect, recode, enhance or support an existing application, we will make sense of your important data!

Without limiting ourselves, we regularly work with:

  • .Net, WPF, Telerik Kendo UI, CSharp, Json, PHP, HTML5
  • Windows applications, Web applications and Mobile web applications
  • Microsoft SQL applications, Dynamics, Biztalk, Access & Excel
  • MySQL, Sage, Acomba, Avantage
  • EDI communications, AS2 & B2B

We develop applications for many economic activity sectors like

  • Transport logistics
  • Grocery sales force and distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial and insurance

We have realized many projects varying in size (from small to ambitious):

  • Installation, configuration and management of Microsoft Biztalk Server (orchestrator of B2B, EDI, e-commerce and others)
  • Many custom applications and integrations permitting EDI, AS2 and B2B communications
  • Creating an ambitious web application based on Silverlight for the management and billing of the logistics of a transport broker. Integration with Fedex, UPS and Purolator web services for quotes, creation, follow-ups and billing of transactions. Upgrading that application in HTML5/JS and Kendo UI.
  • Creation and support of a client/server windows application as well as a web application for a sales workforce to take orders, credits, customer relation management (CRM) and expense reports.
  • Creation and support of a web application (PHP and Ajax on MySQL) that manages school schedules as well as educational materials all the while taking into consideration the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Creation and support of an application for land surveyors mandates, journaling and billing system. Geo-localization module for present, past and future mandates as a planning tool and to set point of references to the land surveyors in the field.
  • Creation of an optimization and sequencing software for a complex manufacturing process.
  • Upgrading many in-house applications that are using technology considered older like VB6, ASP and Silverlight.
  • Creation and support of a web application integrated with a digital signing (e-sign) of legally binding documents.
  • Management and support of MS SQL databases (DBA), performance optimization, maintenance plans and archiving.