IT Strategies

AxeLan has been supplying IT support to small and mid-size businesses since 2002. Our forward-thinking team of professional computer consultants allows us to provide a one-stop shop for IT strategies, solutions, and services specifically tailored to SMB’s.

We have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience which is as varied as the different IT environments we support (manufacturing, distribution, transport logistics, insurance and many more). Contacting us is part of the solution.

With the combination of well-planned strategy meetings and performance reports gathered from our 24/7 verification services, you will be able to establish the perfect strategy to help your improve your operations and support growth. We also supply you with a triennial budget where we break down the identified issues and recommendations (new purchases, software and hardware renewals, maintenance plans, service contracts, internet services and others).

Having a plan is great. However it needs to be executed! Our senior consultants are there to help you, guide or even completely take charge of project management and system upgrades.

Imagine having access to a complete team of IT professionals that have your IT environment at heart.